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LIAHONA - MARCH 2014 (Free PDF to download)

Este é um post para os nossos leitores que solicitam estes recursos em inglês.
Referimos que a ENSIGN traz por vezes recursos que não se encontram na Liahona.

(in English)

For our readers convenience, we post here, on Margem SUD the

2014 MARCH
issue of the LIAHONA Magazine (in english),
as well as the ENSIGN issue of this month (check post below).
They are in PDF version (Portable Document Format),
so you may download it and acess them afterwords offline.

Excelent to have it allways near you, for your classes preparation, for Visiting Teachers Message and Ideias, for Home teachers, or for FHE (Family Home Evenings) with ideias for young men or women, and children.
May we remind you the although they are both in english the articles included may be diferent.
The Liahona issue is mainly for Europe and includes articles of all purposes and ages.
It includes not just the First Presidency message, wich is used for Home Teaching and the Visiting Teachers Message, for the monthly visits of the sisters of Relief Society, but also includes articles for young adults, young men and women and children.
The Ensign does not necessarily includes reading material for youth or children, as there are other LDS magazines with this purpose like New Era and The Friend magazines, where the Ensign is distributed.

(english version)

Click Below to start Download

Click Below to start Download

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